Being pregnant is every woman’s dream. The right age for pregnancy is between 18 and 35 years. Pregnancy is the life changing event which happens naturally for most women. Every woman has a different experience with pregnancy. Some have it easy while some have it hard. In such conditions, it becomes normal to distinguish between a normal and high-risk pregnancies. Most women are delaying having the baby. This makes getting pregnant harder than usual.

Normal Pregnancy

Any woman who is aged between 18 and 35 will have a normal pregnancy. At this age women may get pregnant easily. In a normal pregnancy, women are often advised of care and precaution. They can lead a normal life till the 7th month. The chances of having the baby naturally increases with normal pregnancy.

It is better to have a normal pregnancy before the age of 35.

High Risk Pregnancy

Today women are choosing to have a baby after the age of 35. It becomes hard to become pregnant after this age. It may happen as the production of eggs decreases after this age. In such conditions, even if one does get pregnant. The need for proper medical attention becomes necessary.

The top most reasons for high-risk pregnancy are:

– The age factor.

The age at which a woman chooses to become pregnant becomes crucial. The longer you delay the pregnancy, the more difficult it is. It becomes vital to consult your doctor after the age of 35 if one wants to become pregnant. A doctor may guide you to make lifestyle and dietary changes to ease the pregnancy.

– The health factor

Apart from age there are other factors which affect the chances of pregnancy. Sometimes you may be 25 but suffer from health ailments like;

● High Blood Pressure- If a woman’s blood pressure remains constantly elevated. The chances of the successful pregnancy decreases.

● Genetic factor- Sometimes pregnancy related complications run in the immediate family. If this happens, it means one would find it hard to have a successful pregnancy. Even if the pregnancy is full term the chances of successful delivery gets lowered.

● The miscarriage factor- A pregnancy becomes high risk when you have had a previous miscarriage. The chances of next delivery becomes a challenging factor.

It is best to consult a knowledgeable doctor if a woman suffers from such conditions. Dr.Kiran is a successful doctor who holds a good success rate in performing successful deliveries.

Do's and Don't of pregnancy expalined by Gynaecologist at Arogyam care clinic sector 51 Gurgaon Dr Kiran Yadav

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